Water Conservation in Islam /  Dr. Hasan Miraj. MD

Dr. Hasan Miraj. MD To write about water is a surprise but not to pay attention to this topic  will be difficult to forgive.As a psychiatrist I understand how human mind thinks and works. Human minds think about the past present and future but most of its dimensions are about future. Human mind can envision […]

Tasneem Jafri’s novel A Friend from other Galaxy

Reviewer: Tahzen Tahir Children are the capital of any nation, and in the future, these children must work for the construction and development of the country. A large part of children’s training consists of the written material taught in schools in the form of curriculum and storybooks everywhere. Writing is not an easy task for […]

A Review of ‘A Friend From Other Galaxy ‘| By Adiba Anwar

Book: A Friend From Other Galaxy Author: Tasneem Jafri Reviewer: Adiba Anwar (Greece ) The title, cover, and novel publication of this book are so attractive, that my son picked up the book out of many books and started to read immediately. My son found this book so interesting that he has read this thrice, just because it was […]

Soul-searching poetry of Khawaja Farid

By Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid (RA) was a 19th-century Sufi poet and saint from Punjab. He is known as the poet of the desert for his loving references to the Cholistan desert. Prof. Dr. Ismatullah Shah, a native of Bahawalpur near Cholistan, is a scholar and teacher of the Saraiki language. He […]

A Review of ‘A Friend From Other Galaxy ‘| By Shahzad Bashir

Top science fiction writer Tasneem Jafri wrote the book A Friend from other Galaxy. This is another top-notch performance from her as she surprises once again with this amazing work that is written for kids to create curiosity for learning more about science fiction. Today, when I started going through this book, I had no […]

A review of Anjani Rahoon Ka Musafir

Reviewer: Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar “Anjani Rahoon Ka Musafir” is the first published work by Imanat Ali. The book was recently published by Press for Peace Foundation (UK). As it is a travelog, the title of the book shows the cultural colors of Kenya and Turkey. The language is simple and the text is free of […]

Book Review: A Friend from other Galaxy

Title: A Friend from other Galaxy Author: Tasneem Jafri Reviewer: Syed Tajammal Hussain Shah I would like to say my special appreciation to Ms Tasneem Jafri for lifting up the pen to pen this thrilling science fiction story of Ashoo and Ashir for the children of Pakistan. To me, it has been the intense need […]

‘What Life Says’ | Reviewer: Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar

Book: What Life Says? Author: Shahid Hussain Mir Reviewer: Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar “What Life Says” is a book of brainy quotations written by Shahid Hussain Mir. Though the author claims that it is a social and cultural commentary, it is more like an insightful and clever portrayal of life. He describes it as a door […]

Bahawalpur Main Ajnabi: Review by Javed Khan

By Javed Khan Believe it or not, man is a traveler from eternity. He is on travel from his birth to the next destination. And this was a common belief not only in Semitic religions but also Aryan. According to those religions, we all will go to heaven after death. Such belief is continuing to […]

انجانی راہوں کا مسافر کے بارے میں تہذین طاہر کے تاثرات

تبصر ہ نگار : تہذین طاہر– لاہورزیر نظر کتاب”انجانی راہوں کا مسافر“ مصنف امانت علی کی پہلی تصنیف ہے۔ امانت علی نے اپنے سفر کا آغاز”قاسم علی شاہ فاؤنڈیشن“ کے زیر اہتمام ہونے والے ”’ترکی وزٹ“ سے کیا اور کینیا اورافریقہ کی مسافت طے کر کے اپنے تجرباتی نگینوں کو اکٹھا کیا اور لفظوں میں […]


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