Why Press for Peace Foundation runs the scholarship programme?

There are many people among us who are fortunate to have a wonderful life full of blessings and happiness.

Some people are enjoying a very successful career and all the luxuries that come with it. Many others are not fortunate enough to avail such an abundant life. They have their own reasons for not being able to be very successful and are still struggling to follow their life pursuits.

Those among us, who are fortunate to have a pleasant life, have had a brilliant education.

They got excellent opportunities to have a wonderful schooling and further education. Most people who are enjoying a successful life, also have a track record of performing well in their education.

If you are not from a rich and wealthy background, it’s your education, hard work, and good luck that make you a successful person.

There is always someone in your life who plays an important role in making you a successful person.

Apart from all these factors, there is always someone in your life who plays an important role in making you a successful person. This can be your parent, siblings, uncle, auntie, or a distant relative. Every mother and father wants their children to grow up and do amazing things in their life.


What if, you are not lucky enough to have such an important close family member in your life? Then, life will be different. Life is not a bed of roses for those who come from a poor and disadvantaged background; it’s going to be tough.

Press for Peace Foundation believes that access to education is the right of every child.

We cannot pass the responsibility of meeting the educational needs of poor and needy students to our governments and the state for obvious reasons. Our country has not developed such strong systems and institutions where every child gets access to education. Everyone among us, who is having better life opportunities needs to be contributing with whatever means they can afford.

While we cannot guarantee that every child will get an education even if every one of us contributes to this worthy cause, we can at least contribute with whatever means we have in our hands.

We can relate our own success story to some else’s by taking the ownership of providing education to those who do not have enough resources.

Press for Peace Foundation runs a scholarship program to support deserving students in their education. We identify the needs of the poor and orphans and work out the best possible solutions to help them in their studies.

While, we ensure that whoever gets this support really deserves it, we also make efforts to facilitate potential donors and would like to ask them to perform their own due diligence before they commit to a support package for a deserving student.

We are overwhelmed with the response of generous and kind-hearted people in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, and abroad as they have backed this project wholeheartedly.

Currently, we are developing various sources, systems, and support packages to meet the needs of scholarship holders and providers and will be updating you on this page.


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