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Water Conservation in Islam /  Dr. Hasan Miraj. MD

Dr. Hasan Miraj. MD

To write about water is a surprise but not to pay attention to this topic  will be difficult to forgive.
As a psychiatrist I understand how human mind thinks and works. Human minds think about the past present and future but most of its dimensions are about future. Human mind can envision as Allah has given it the ability to plan for the future. So the importance of water obliges human thinking and planning. Water issues have lead to wars, water issues have caused famine, and water issues have made nations go bankrupt.
Today in Pakistan water is becoming a dangerous endpoint. What our enemies are thinking and planning should be seriously taken into account.
I know sheikh Zeeshan for at least a decade.
Sheikh Zeeshan words have put forth the Islamic perspective of water and its relation to the practical issues on the ground.
It is a great pleasure to see how sheikh has generated influence on the minds of people who will review his book.
The psycholocal impact can lead to practical changes in the daily lives of common people and hopefully national leaders. So sheikh can change the thoughts of common and elite both.
I recommend that this book for all people of the society.
This book has brought to daylight the significance of water as perceived by a religious scholar with powerful impact. This book is if it’s own kind as regards the subject and its author.
As a psychiatrist I feel that Sheikh Zeeshan’s book will have strong impact on the thought process of general Muslims and elites which will be a national and religious achievement.
I pray that Allah gives Sheikh the best of rewards for his sincere efforts to influence positively the mindset of its readers.
I pray for the success of Sheikh Yaseen in the Dunya and Kkhira both.

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Dr. Hasan Miraj. MD
Attending Psychiatrist
Fellowship in addiction psychiatry
Fellowship in geriatric psychiatry
New Jersey. USA.

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