Sunday, May 26

A Review of ‘A Friend From Other Galaxy ‘| By Shahzad Bashir

Top science fiction writer Tasneem Jafri wrote the book A Friend from other Galaxy. This is another top-notch performance from her as she surprises once again with this amazing work that is written for kids to create curiosity for learning more about science fiction.

Today, when I started going through this book, I had no idea whether I would read a couple of chapters or more than that. but the book captured me all the way until I finished the book in a single sitting.

This is because, even though the book is written for children, anyone who begins reading it will not leave it until they have finished it. These are my strong words for readers of science fiction.
I mean, literally, that this is a mind-blowing story; the characters and topics are so interesting that you are not able to remove your eyes from the book.

The story is written in simple language, with no jargon or complex sentences, so that primary school students can read and understand the dialogues and sentences.

She seems to be educating the reader with her vast and extraordinary knowledge about space science and research that most people don’t know. She again provided useful and very interesting yet important knowledge to the reader that is amazing.

Not only space administration and space knowledge, but she covered yet again her extraordinary knowledge about “robotics,” humanoids, and programmed robot engineering.

Truly, even though I like to read and watch space-related information, without hesitation, I could salute the honorable Tasneem Jafri Sahiba for extensive knowledge that fits inside an interesting story that the reader can’t avoid unless the story ends.

As for the publisher’s point of view, the book has only 68 pages, but you will get it in hard binding with a beautiful cover design and a back cover with great words from great personalities.

The overall look of the book is very beautiful as well as the printing is amazing. Press for Peace foundation deserves a great response and respect for the job they are doing.

I strongly recommend this book for not only every child but for people of every age who should go through it. Also in the school library, this book will be a great gift for the students.

Congratulations to both the writer and the publisher for this remarkable job.

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