We promote and support cultural, educational, and humanitarian activities in economically deprived parts of the world. We have a particular focus on Azad Kashmir (Pakistan-administered-Kashmir) and Kashmiri diaspora scattered in many countries including the UK, Europe, and USA. Press for Peace Foundation is registered in England & Wales. Our Company (Limited by Guarantee) Registration No. is 13255437

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Promoting responsible behaviour

We are promoting responsible behaviour in the UK to encourage people by donating their used clothes and shoes for charitable causes. We collect donations in the UK, upcycle and repair used clothes/shoes to either sell in our online stores or distribute them among the neediest people in deserving communities in Azad Kashmir. This project has got massive support from our targetted community as it offers endless opportunities for youth, women, and entrepreneurs-to-be. 

Empowering Women Project 

This is a pilot project of the Press for Peace Foundation that has been launched in District Bagh (Azad Kashmir). We are aiming to empower local women in a remote village and help them to participate as equal members of society by learning important business and entrepreneurial skills. We started with their training in cutting, stitching, and sewing and are now developing their talent to the next level.  Read more about other projects.  Disability Support assists disabled people and their carers in a number of ways.  Writers Database:  A unique initiative to support writers, researchers, poets, authors, historians, and columnists.

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