Appeal for two orphan sisters’ marriage– Appeal is Closed

In June 2021, we launched a fundraising appeal to arrange the marriage of two orphan sisters of Muzaffarabad. Their father had died from cancer. We raised the required funds towards catering, wedding gifts, and other expenses.

Appeal for a deserving girl residing in Muzaffarabad- Appeal closed

In March 2021, our Marriage Support Team launched an appeal to arrange the marriage of a girl from a poor family residing in Muzaffarabad. We successfully raised the required funds to cater to the costs of this wedding.

Why we do this?

Press for Peace Foundation has recently started a marriage support project to help deserving families to arrange necessary expenditures on their daughters weddings.

We believe that no girl should be treated as a burden by parents, guardians, and those who look after them. With the help of our generous supporters and donors, we aim to provide the necessary funds required for their weddings.

We understand that due to extreme, personal hardships, poverty, low income and less favourable economic circumstances; there are thousands of families in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan that are unable to have their daughters and sisters get married.

Press for Peace Foundation makes an effort to support such families in these difficult situations by providing basic items necessary for newlywed girls. These include dresses, shoes, utensils, bedding, fans, sewing machines, and other necessary items. We also provide financial assistance (cash) to meet the marriage expenses.

We do necessary assessment of every case with the help of our volunteers.


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