Book: A Friend From Other Galaxy
Author: Tasneem Jafri
Reviewer: Adiba Anwar (Greece )
The title, cover, and novel publication of this book are so attractive, that my son picked up the book out of many books and started to read immediately. My son found this book so interesting that he has read this thrice, just because it was his choice. Actually, it’s not only of his choice, but of every child’s liking and adults like me as well.
When he was reading this novel again and again, I assumed the novel would be pretty interesting. And yes, it is…..
The author has woven the theme and plot of the novel around science fiction with based on interesting information.
In the novel, a young boy got a friend, with vast knowledge of his universe. He landed into the human world accidentally with the enormous knowledge of the world of stars, galaxies, and life in the undiscovered universe. He was on the planet earth as punishment, but for Ashir he was blessing for him.

The supernatural and unusual activities increased the interest in the novel. Ashir and Ashoo became friends and started to share their knowledge. Then the writer skilfully delivers the information of the universe to a new generation. She indulges kids into deep knowledge of other planets with the help of a marvellous friend and news from TV.
After increasing the thirst of knowledge in children, she motivates children to learn more about modern science. She invites children to do research and discoveries. Information about robots and robotics is the need of the era. And she successfully conveyed her message to children and readers.
Especially the information about the types of robots, laws of robots, stars and galaxies is very informative.
Then Ashir got many awards because of his work. It seems remarkably interesting that children and adults are happy with the success of Ashir. The success of Ashir was actually the success of Pakistan. It is really an emotional level of heart contentment.

I’m happy that in the era when the religious personalities are being considered backward, illiterate and sometimes conservative, she raised the dignity of Imam Sahib. I was expecting, as usual, this character will do something unbelievably bad with Asho.
But he was so kind and generous with him. He listened to his full explanation and accepted him with an open heart and mind in the human world. Ashoo was from the world of galaxies and had vast knowledge. But it does not mean humans are not doing anything, especially Pakistanis. There are many countries that are considered third world. However, they are playing an active role in many fields. Lack of resources, knowledge and discoveries is not part of shame for Pakistanis.
Jin exists in the world as being Muslim, we cannot deny their existence. I agree with the writer to deny the myths and wrong beliefs about Jins.
As the novel is written in an international language, the terms used in the novel should have been written in easy-to-understand form for non-Muslim readers. For instance, Imam Sahib (Muslim scholar), Namaz e Maghrib (Maghrib Prayer) etc.
In my opinion, this novel will widen the imaginations of other writers to create this kind of literature for children in English as well Urdu.
I sincerely congratulate to the writer and Publisher Press for Peace for a contributing in positively step in English literature. I extend prayers and wishes for the author to create captivating and informative literature in the future.

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