Friday, May 24

Book Review: A Friend from other Galaxy

Title: A Friend from other Galaxy

Author: Tasneem Jafri

Reviewer: Syed Tajammal Hussain Shah

I would like to say my special appreciation to Ms Tasneem Jafri for lifting up the pen to pen this thrilling science fiction story of Ashoo and Ashir for the children of Pakistan. To me, it has been the intense need of Pakistani society to have stories on science fiction to be written and composed by the Pakistani writers as this area still is greatly barren. Ms Tasneem Jafri’s attempt is a great leap towards filling this gap. It has multifaceted angles, on one hand it will help in dispelling the stereotypical thinking of Pakistani children about science fictions and equally on the other hand it will promote their creative thinking. The plot of the story is beautifully fabricated and all the accidents and incidents go in smooth and logical streak. I really appreciate the language used as it is going to make the children understand the story without facing any lexical difficulty. Last but not least is the end of the story is so thrilling that it moves the sensitive heart, and you will feel your eyes tearful.

Reviewer’s Profile:

Syed Tajammal Hussain Shah is performing his services as English Language Teacher in United Kingdom. He is Alumni of Department of English Language and Linguistics, London Metropolitan University. He has been associated with the Press for Peace as a researcher and editor.

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