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What is the right to get your data deleted?

The right to get your data deleted is also known as the ‘right to erasure’. You can ask Press for Peace Foundation to delete your data. This is also called the ‘right to be forgotten.

When can I ask for my data to be deleted?

The right applies in the following circumstances.

The PFPF no longer needs your data for the original reason we collected or used it for.

After you have cancelled your membership/subscription or registration with Press for Peace Foundation.

You no longer wish to use our website or any social media integrations via our website ( )

The law gives children special protection, especially online, because they may be less aware of the risks and consequences of giving their data to organisations. Even if you are now an adult, you have a right to have your data erased if it was collected from you as a child.

How do I ask for my data to be deleted?

You should contact PFPF and let us know what personal data you want us to erase. You can contact us at

to submit a request for data deletion.


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