Pakistan: A Lucrative Hub for Green Investments

a large dam with a large lake in the background

Pakistan is rapidly becoming a hot destination for investors focused on environmental sustainability. This surge in interest is driven by three key factors: strong government support for green initiatives, the country’s vulnerability to climate change, and a significant funding gap that needs to be filled. Government Backs Green Agenda The Pakistani government is actively promoting […]

The Forgotten Depths / Written By Ayan Awan 

Ayan Awan Once, in a world not too dissimilar from our own, there lived a man named Samuel. Samuel was an adventurous soul, always seeking new experiences and challenges. One fateful day, he stumbled upon an old, decrepit bunker hidden deep within the forest. Intrigued by the mystery surrounding it, Samuel convinced four of his closest […]

My Dear Child !!/ By Anam Tahir

Anam Tahir “What’s the worry my dear child, what happened?”  His mother opened the door to his room, finding him seated on the couch with an unattended book in his lap, his gaze fixed on the clock. With a vacant expression, he reassured his mother, “Nothing, Mama! Just doing my homework.” As he glanced at […]

The Power Of True Friendship!/ By: Hasnain Shiekh

Written by : Hasnain ShiekhKarachi-Pakistan  Once upon a time, there were many animals playing in the forest happily. Suddenly, The King of jungle came and started to dance. As they all knew that lion is so dangerous animal and like to hunts other animals. So they were afraid of it. The king said smartly: My […]

Learning Climate Resilience from Bangladesh | Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar

By Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar Pakistan should learn about climate resilience from Bangladesh. The disasters caused by floods in these two South Asian countries are dreadful and devastating. Though, there is a significant difference between the two nations regarding building resources to fight against such disasters. After decades of resilience education, Bangladesh has acquired specialized expertise […]

Stamp that etched/ Written BY Asma Hamza

Asma Hamza There is some good news! Her eyes were Emeralds as she anticipated breaking the news. I nodded. It is such a terrific news piece that’d drop your jaw. She was my daughter. It was impossible not to add as much drama as possible. I’m ready. I whispered. Her resplendent persona shone some more. […]

Story: Memory of the Ruin / By Maryam Jilani

Maryam Jilani The darkness had enveloped everything and the convulsing grip of land was pulling her down. Somehow, she still wished it all to be her imagination: the throbbing mud-covered feet, the bleeding wound on her arm, and the drenching sweat sticking the green choli tightly to her body. Despite all, the wishful thinking was […]

Cow and a Goat / Adiba Anwar

By Adiba Anwar Poetry of Allama Iqbal for children adopted story. Once there was a cow in a verdant pasture filled with the pleasant fragrance of Spring. Brooks of blue and sweat water flow there with pride. Around was surrounded by countless trees of pomegranate and pipal. And the sounds of birds and cool breezes […]


NABIHA ABRAR It feels fantastic to experience an approach of kindness and love, once in a while. For a human heart is made that way I guess; it appreciates the beauty of genuine care within. “Assalam U Alaikum, Mama.” Here in Quetta, I’ve gotten used to a couple of things that seemed funny just a […]


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