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Futuristic Approach from the Perspective of Innovation in the Field of Education | By Shoaib Raja

By Shoaib Raja

Education is much significant for human beings, as it moulds their perspective; provides them a rightful direction to lead their journey in the vast corridors of knowledge. Previously, there were a few disciplines of education in which knowledge seekers got admitted. Now the world has become a global village. It hasopened several avenues to explore the world. Universities and colleges offer courses in various disciplines due to technological revolution. The departments of arts have been contributing their endeavours through refined pieces of writing. They want to bridge the gap through literary activities, and for this purpose  they organise different events in which they invite writers, poets and celebrities who leave no stone unturned in order to commemorate the special celebrations. It’s a symbol of hope in the Natural Sciences that there is a continuous trend and culture of research and innovation. The department of management sciences offers courses related to business, and also promotes the concept of internship and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore,the idea of knowledge economy has been floated by renowned educationists that is appropriately positive omen in the field of academia. It can bring about prosperity in the field of education. It not only promotes our economy, but can also trainour students to get the opportunities of employment.

Moreover, there is always room for betterment; policy makers should introduce such curriculum that helps learners to adjust themselves in the future. New courses will surely be fruitful addition in academia. It will not only  create more space for faculty, but also inculcate sense of competition among torch bearers.

No doubt, educational institutions have wonderfully been serving commendable services according to their finite resources since their establishment. If there is no element of political involvement in the educational institutions, there will smoothly be transition of learning.

Additionally, there must be a conscious effort to provide conducive atmosphere of learning to the students. The head of institutions along with disciplinary committee should play their pivotal role in this regard for maintaining law in order at the premises of institutions.

Mentioning the bottom line of subject,gaining the futuristic objectives, unified syllabus must immediately be implemented. It will bring all the institutions at the equal level. After that policymakers have to include such activities that promoteidea of fun learning. Creativity and innovation can only be brought in the field of education if rot learning can be discouraged by teachers. Vigilant examination system should be introduced that has veto power. Evaluation should be done without any discrimination. Favouritism should not be tolerated at any stage.

In the nut shell of whole discussion, it can forcefully be concluded by adding that education is drivingforce behind all the economic progress and growth of the country, therefore it should be the first Priority to acquire quality of education that will be beneficial for futuristic goals.

The writer is visiting lecturer in University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He separately holds master degrees in Literature and Linguistics from National University of Modern Languages ( NUML)

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