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The Power Of True Friendship!/ By: Hasnain Shiekh

Written by : Hasnain Shiekh

 Once upon a time, there were many animals playing in the forest happily. Suddenly, The King of jungle came and started to dance. As they all knew that lion is so dangerous animal and like to hunts other animals. So they were afraid of it. The king said smartly: My loving friends! I am very excited to have fun with you so let’s enjoy. Those animals who knew its cleverness, they laughed and hugged the lion but those animals who didn’t obey the lion they were hunted very badly in the mid of night. Next morning, the funny fox was crying for his friends who were no more. A minky monkey and funny fox decided to kill the lion. They all arranged party in the jungle. When the lion came, they all attacked on it and killed very harshly. Later, the funny fox announced that now, I am the king of jungle.I am a hunter. I am a killer.ha ha ha! laughed aloud! All were shocked and silent after knowing the truth. Meanwhile, minky monkey smiled, shaked his hands and said, My lord!My new king! The real king of the jungle, The lion is still alive. That was only the statue of the king to show your hypocrisy in front of all. This is the time of your last breathe! All true friends made a circle around the lion and enjoyed cheerfully. The funny fox was feeling ashamed for the act of disloyalty with dearest friends. At last, the funny fox got punished and went away from the forest forever.

Author’s Profile

I am Mohammad Hasnain study in Aga Khan Higher Secondary School in class VII. When I was 9 years old I wrote my first Urdu poem with the help of my mother. I have written few Urdu stories too which has been published in different magazines. Now this is my first English story. I would like to write amazing and fruitful writing pieces for all story lovers in both languages.

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