Our Perfect Trio / Qurat-Ul-Aine Anee

Two little hands,tugging at your hair,like angel wings. Tiny fists,punching with a rose’s touch. Little hands,pulling Lala’s cap,a gentle breeze’s touch. Two little hands,two little angels,one fluffy Lala,a perfect trio of love. Qurat-Ul-Aine Anee

My little doll / Umm.e.Aiman Irfan

I have a little dollIt is not so tallIt’s hair is long and curlyIt’s eyes are black and face fairlyMy little doll is so prettyIt makes my whole day happyMy little doll dresses beautifullyI keep it in my toy box carefully Umm.e.Aiman IrfanClass 1 AAga Khan Higher Secondary School Kharadhar

My Son My Sunshine! Poem:Zaheeran Hasnain

Oh my son ,you are my sunshine You are only the reason of my lifeYou heal my wounds and filled my lonelinessYou are the secret of my inner smileInside my heart, many prays for youTruly, your presence like darkness to shineNo matter, how many ups and down thereI trust upon Allah, you never let downBe remember! […]

محبت |سنیعہ مرزا

سنیعہ مرزا محبت آثار قدیمہ کی کھدائی سے نکا لا اک جزیرہ ہے جزیرہ وہ کہ جس میں زخم پلتے ہیں کرب آوارہ پھرتے ہیں گھٹائیں دھوپ بن کے سایہ کرتی ہیں بادل روز آنکھوں کے گلابی جگنوؤں کو سرد  انگارے بناتے ہیں محبت آثار قدیمہ کی کھدائی سے نکا لا ایک جذبہ ہے کہ […]

Self-respect. Eh? |Asma Hamza

Author: Asma Hamza There needs to be a fine limitation set to self-love. One needs to fully understand the idea and the dire need for the term. The foremost problem existing in our eastern patriarchal society is that there is no requirement of loving one’s self nor should there be a desire that many a […]

Flowers And Pain | W.A Neena Taimoori

W.A Neena Taimoori Flowers and pain deeply are they rooted, Embracing each other they originate. One who presents flowers- maybe one that stabs at the lowest! The fragrance of flowers diffused in the air, Till the hand hurts we bear. Those bonds which are not of any cause, Hence we do not desire to pause. […]

Bushra Hazeen (Punjabi)

“dharti dho kay asmanaa tay suknay panwan” (Punjabi) or I wish I could wash the earth and let it dry in the skies. It’s beautiful poem by Pubjabi poet and short story writer Bushra Hazeen. 


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