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Self-respect. Eh? |Asma Hamza

Author: Asma Hamza

There needs to be a fine limitation set to self-love. One needs to fully understand the idea and the dire need for the term.
The foremost problem existing in our eastern patriarchal society is that there is no requirement of loving one’s self nor should there be a desire that many a time comes under the heading of Sin.
This is one extreme, in which the victims are not only women but men too.
The other extreme is what the western culture has been inspiring us with for some time now doping with the idea that self-love is everything and would fix all the problems. Its effects can be witnessed in quite a negative way–as expected.

Influenced deeply by the idea of self-worth and self-love being of pivotal importance, one makes it the primary focus keeping all else at bay.
This way, self-love takes several notches up to the point of selfishness and ultimately harming others–be it emotionally or physically.

So where is the balance?
The answer, as always lies in the basics.
Stay connected to Deen!
The goal is Allah-centric and the manual provided is followed to the T.
This creates a perfect balance in respecting others, being empathic towards society, volunteering by stepping out of one’s comfort zone and at the same time giving all due respect to one’s self.
Love yourself inside out for the sake of Allah SWT. Struggle to cleanse your heart and mind to attain spirituality. At the same time, pay due attention to your physical needs that lead to a healthy YOU.
Such is what the need is.
Such is what ensures a healthy, thriving society.

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