Sunday, May 26

When zest is a myth/ Written by: Asma Hamza

Author : Asma Hamza

I’m bidding farewell to the zest in me. I pack my giddiness, my chortle, my blazing spark and go to live in the shadows. Do you want to know why? Here it goes. A plethora of randomness ahead.

Age is NOT just a number. It isn’t. It just isn’t. It is the most agonising word in the lexicon.
It does not look cute watching a forty-five-plus lady dancing her wits out on a random sidewalk.
You might differ and that is fine but when I tell you age is the most crucial thing out there you have got to believe.
You might be talented, full of potential, lively and all. But it always comes down to numbers when it comes to opportunities. Essay competition? Age bracket 20-30 max!
Signing competition? Youngsters would be auditioned only unless there is an aged laughing stock that’d help hype up the ratings. Hosting an International show? Well, grab the youngest damsels out there who can brighten up the boring conference.
The list is endless. This is why when an ‘aged’ achieves something, it is considered extraordinary. It becomes a motivational story.
They do not care if you got an opportunity to finally fly away and exhibit your talents after quite some struggle. No, they don’t. All they care about is the AGE.
I am not writing this for people like myself (talking about age here) to call it a quit. Do whatever and whenever you can. Grace and values are vital. But at times, it hurts when you have got it all right and the only hindrance is AGE.
Such a random rant I rant.

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