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Farzana Moon, Poet, Historian , Playwritght

Farzana Moon, Poet, Historian , Playwritght

Farzana Moon Farzana Moon is a poet, historian and playwright.  She writes Sufi poetry, and historical, biographical sequels about the lives of the Moghul emperors and plays based on the stories from religion and folklore.  Included in her writing ventures are one novella, several novels, a book of plays and a book of poems and a collection of short stories. She has taught courses in the discipline of Sufis and Mystics at the Clark State Community College.  She won first prize in poetry in a literary magazine Shades of Grey published by the Clark State Community college.  Her poetry has published in the journal of Wright State University.  She also received a third prize in artistic representation of a poem in the competition held by the Ohio Writers Associa...

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