Farzana Moon

Farzana Moon is a poet, historian and playwright.  She writes Sufi poetry, and historical, biographical sequels about the lives of the Moghul emperors and plays based on the stories from religion and folklore.

 Included in her writing ventures are one novella, several novels, a book of plays and a book of poems and a collection of short stories. She has taught courses in the discipline of Sufis and Mystics at the Clark State Community College.  She won first prize in poetry in a literary magazine Shades of Grey published by the Clark State Community college.  Her poetry has published in the journal of Wright State University.  She also received a third prize in artistic representation of a poem in the competition held by the Ohio Writers Association.  

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 A collection of her plays are archived at the Ohio State University.  One of her skits The Dancing Shiva is performed by LLC Theatre in New York.  The first scene of her play A Glorious Feast based on the story of Biblical Joseph is published by the Kent State University.  Her play, Osama the Demented selected out of seven hundred submissions has had staged reading in Stockholm.

Her monologue Stormy Daniels has had a staged reading in New York. Her book Contemplations is accepted to be published 2021 by All Things That Matter Press, title of this book subject to change.

Farzana Moon’s Reprints and Publications

American Queen                                                                     2019

Quran and Wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan                            2018

Friends Incarnate                                                                    2017

Sharia Exposed                                                                       2016

The Moghul Hedonist                                                            2016

The Moghul Saint of Insanity                                                  2015

The Moghul Exile                                                                  2015

No Islam but Islam                                                                 2015

Poet Emperor of the Last of the Moghuls                              2014

Prophet Muhammad the First Sufi of Islam                           2013

Divine Akbar and Holy India                                                 2012

Babur the First Moghul in India                                            2011

Sufis and Mystics of the World                                             2011

Irem of the Crimson Desert                                                    2010

Holocaust of the East                                                             2008

Currently she is writing second book of daily contemplations with a touch of politics.

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