Sunday, May 26

Meeting with a Mayor/ Muhadsa Naqvi

Muhadsa Naqvi

Today I had a wonderful meeting today with the Mayor Daniel Johnson of City of Lewiston ID, USA.
As part of his Interview, I asked him different questions and one question was: Imagine you become the President of US, how will you try to solve the issue of Kashmir? And he was very honest about it, he didn’t say anything to please me like other politicians do (Fake Promises). And he stressed upon being honest with the people as part of his qualities being a Mayor.

I also got a chance to meet Council President Hannah Liedkie and Councillor Jim Kleeburg. Everybody was so humble and friendly. We stayed there for a while to see and observe; how City Council meetings work.  I witnessed and I am impressed, the way they give chance to common people to talk to the Mayor and City Council every other week. These are some positive things that we need to learn and adopt in our Country as well.

When I was coming back, I just waved at the Mayor to say him good bye and he waved back from the stage.  I really liked how simple it is to talk to the people in power. They don’t behave like celebrities, they behave like common people.

Author’s Profile
Syeda Muhadsa Naqvi is student of University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK).
Miss. Syeda Muhadsa Naqvi won a fully funded Scholarship for one Semester in United States of America . This Scholarship is named as UGRAD and she is in USA since August 02, 2022. Regardless of maintaining her excellence in academics she is also engaged in extracurricular activities and improving her leadership skills. She has started working with her Institute’s Newspaper (unpaid) and her first poetry got published recently.

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