Friday, May 24

A word of praise for Press for Peace Foundation | By Syed Abrar Gardezi

The eighth book of Press for Peace Foundation (UK) Publications, “Zameen Udas Hai” has reached the hands of the readers. It is no doubt a fine print.

The book is another admirable effort of Tasneem Jafri, who is the author of several other books.

The work of Tasneem Jarfri on the environment is monumental.  She has consistently been writing about environmental problems.

These problems are spread everywhere on the earth.  This is perhaps the reason she gave this book the title “Zameen udas hai” (literally meaning the earth is sad).

Whenever Tasneem Jafri, picks up the pen, she writes purposefully and covers important and serious topics.

In her latest book   “Zameen Udas Hai”, the works of dozens of other budding writers have been put together.

Alhamdulillah, so far, I have been honored to contribute with my skills in the illustration and designing of ten books of Press for Peace Foundation Publications.

It is heartening and inspiring for many people that the organization worked beyond limits on each book, which has been praised by book lovers.

Zameen Udas Hai. I took a week more time than expected by Prof. Zafar Iqbal  (Director of Press for Peace Foundation Publications), the reason being that the book is intended for adults as well as children, so it has to be designed at the utmost perfection.

I did my best to create an equally attractive artwork that appealed to the taste and children and adults.

Now that the book has reached the readers and critics, every comment is reassuring and grateful. Alhamdulillah.

Neelam Ali Raja wrote:

“Adorned with high-quality paper and an excellent cover, this book is not only for reading but also wonderful to look at. As soon as I got the book in my hands,  I spent some time just to at the book. The team of Press for Peace Foundation has worked hard on this book and their hard work has paid off.  Undoubtedly, this whole effort is teamwork. Each individual has done justice to the book.”

The ninth book of Press for Peace Foundation (UK) Publications is “Saptak”, a collection of poems by Indian poet Fauzia Rida. The book is now published and printed in India.

For me, working on the layout of this book was a memorable and enjoyable experience.

One of the excellently designed books of this worthy institution is the work of the well-known writer and author of several books Qanta Rabia.

The book “Saare Dost Hayin Pyare” will be in the hands of book-loving children in a few days. One of the uniqueness of this book is its size.

I am currently working on an illustration of the famous poet from Karachi Farah Naz Farah. Her forthcoming book titled “Ishqam” is a collection of poems and it will also be in your hands soon.

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