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Prof. Dr. Sabir Afaqi, Educationist, Poet, Author, Muzaffarbad

Dr.  Sabir Afaqi  (1933-2011)

Dr.  Sabir Afaqi  is a well known poet of Urdu, Persian, Punjabi and Gojri languages.  In his career he was a highly respected academic with a PhD in Persian literature who published in many magazines and he wrote many books. His special field of interest is research and study of regional languages and literature, history and culture of Kashmir and comparative religion. He has attended many conferences, on these topics, held in Pakistan and various countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Srilanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau, He is a member of several literary Societies at home and aboard.

In 2002 AJK University established an Afáqi corner in its main library in his honor and in 2007 Jammu University honored him with a shield. He was also granted the honor Sanad-i-Imtiaz by the Kashmir government as well as awards from other various institutes. He passed away in 2011 after a brief illness and was survived by his wife, a son, and two daughters.

Dr. Sabir Afaqi being Poet

He is a prominent poet of Urdu, Persian, Gojri, Panjabi and Hindku languages. The following collections have been printed so far.

Urdu poetry

  • Shahr-i-Tamanna(Lahore) 1974
  • Nae Musamun ki Basharat (Lahore) 2000
  • Sar-i-Janan ka dard (Lahore)
  • Khunda Hai Bija (Hamrous poetry)

Gojri Poetry

  • Phul Khaily (1976)
  • Sanjo Khalaro (1995)
  • Paygham-i-Inqilab(1997)
  • Kaisar Kayari (2001)

Persian Poetry

  • Gulha-i-Kashmir(1974)
  • Dar Justaju-i-Sayaara-i-Deegar (1191)
  • Sham-i-Baha (1995)

His Works in Prose

  • Kashmir in Islamic period Lahore
  • Raja Tarangini ( Persian translation of kalhan’s raja tarangini, (Islamabad 1974)
  • Kasrat-i-Nizzara (Urdu) travelling account (Lahore 1996)
  • Jalva-i-Kashmir (articles on Kashmir), (Lahore 1988)
  • Aks -i-Kashmir (articles on Kashmir), (Lahore 1991)
  • Gojri Ka lal (Srinager 2005)
  • Nagsh -i- Rang rang Urdu (Translation of Miraz Ghalib’s Persian Qsaid) (Karachi-2004)
  • Burma  mein Urdu (Islamabad 1989)
  • Rashhat-i-Abr, (Urdu) Biography of Ahsani  ginnuri (Muzaffarabad 1997)
  • Gojri Adab (Panjabi) (Lahore 1985)
  • Bhullein bisrin yad. (Muzaffarabad 2006)
  • Mansoor hallaj Urdu translation (Lahore 2002)

Other Writings

  • Nayab hein ham (Urdu) biography
  • Muzaffarabad, (Urdu) (History of)
  • Safar nama-i-Kashmir (Urdu)
  • Gojri Zaban wa adab (Urdu)
  • In the land of lord (safar nama-i-Iran)


  • International Peace and harmony award by united religions institute(URI)
  • Sami foundation Award (Belgium)
  • Kashmir Adabi Award by Kashmir Academy
  • Performance award by Safeena-e-Adab
  • AJK University award
  • Azad Kashmir President Award
  • Radio Pakistan award by Radio Pakistan
  • National Kashmir Award by the daily Siyasat
  • Sami foundation Award (Belgium)
  • District Council Award by District council
  • Al-Kashmir Award by Pak Kashmir Society
  • First position award by URI
  • Shan-e-Gujar Award by GDCT Jammu
  • Man of Letters Award
  • Injuman Taraqqi-e Adab. Srinagar

Member of Literary organizations:

  • Writers Guild of Pakistan
  • Academy of Letters Pakistan
  • Bazm -e- Sukhan Yangoon (Burma)
  • Gojri Adabi Board,  Chairman
  • Gojri  Tehreek Gilgit (Pattern)
  • Member of Punjabi Alami Congress


  • PH.D (Iran)
  • M.A Persian
  • M.A Urdu
  • M.A Arabic
  • B.Ed
  • Associate Professor (RTD) Azad Jammu & Kashmir University, Muzaffarabad


  • He Started his career as a junior teacher high school (1952)
  • Promoted to senior grade (1958)
  • Appointed as second head master of high school (1963)
  • Appointed as head master of high school (1962)
  • Served as assistant inspector of schools (1966)
  • Appointed lecturer Urdu (1967-68)
  • Got scholarship from Iran government and joined Tehran University Iran (1968)
  • Got doctorate in Persian language and literature (1972)
  • Served as Professor in government collage Muzaffarabad (1972-80)
  • Served as Associate Professor AJK University (1980-86)
  • Got premature retirement (1986)

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