Sunday, May 26


Reviewer Arif Kamal  

In my glance through the publication, I am refreshed on outstanding feature of the memoires as an invaluable addition to the oral history of our time. This is particularly true on three counts: tests and trials of migration and social transformations that come in the way. Second, the profile of Azad Kashmir as a distinct region and the evolution of its public service and governance process over seven decades or so. The publication provides a ‘one-window’ access to multiple dimensions of the process from the vantage point of a life-time accomplished public servant. Third, the memoirs recap though indirectly, the psychological behaviour patterns in a transforming society and profiles of political elite in the past seven decades or so.

The Recollections echo the author’s passion for his roots: Jammu city that he had left as a 12 year old child and revisited as an enthusiast in his 70s. Four segments of the book including prologue, and epilogue, are indeed focused onto a search for the soul of his homeland. No wonder, the book is dedicated to the “valour and grit of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”.

Hopefully, Dost Publisher will place copies at major vendors as we witness steps towards its formal launch.

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