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Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar

Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar is a London-based writer and author. In 2021, his first book, “Bahawalpur main ajnabi” (Urdu), was released. The book recounts the author’s brief stay in Bahawalpur. This is a combination of a travelogue-style depiction of short trips to Bahawalpur’s inner city and two short stories. This literary experiment could be described as a fiction interpolation into a travel story.


The Climate Voices from Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar wrote The Climate Voices from Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The book is based on a series of panel discussions involving researchers, environmentalists, educators, social activists, journalists, and citizens from Pakistan administered Jammu and Kashmir ( aka Azad Kashmir).

Hydropower to empower the poor

Hydropower to empower the poor by Mazhar Iqbal Mazhar

Bahawalpur main Ajnabi (Urdu)

بہاولپور میں اجنبی مظہراقبال مظہر

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