Tuesday, May 21

Keep on Fighting – Raisa Saghir

Raisa Saghir

If I could name strongest person,

You’d be the one in my mind,

No matter how hard you fall, you get back up and you grind.

Baby I know that we fight,

But I got you, I promise I am never leaving your side,

I’m going to cheer you on and beyond the finishing line.

No one can copy you, your one of a kind,

I know you’ve had troubles in your past and when I ask you, you deny,

But your making it for real,

And when you’re having a hard-time you say that your fine,

Even when I see the pain in your eyes,

You’re my fighter,

And I know your going to push through,

I know you can purse anything you put your mind to,

They say the sky’s the limit,

But that’s all determined by you,

You’ve got to fight this battle because that what warriors do.

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