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Prof. Imanat Ali- Author, Career Counsellor, Majmaah University, RiyadhSaudi Arab

Prof. Imanat Ali is well known writer, author and motivational speaker.
Imanat Ali has been working as an ESL Lecturer since last 12 years. After receiving his master’s degree in English from the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in 2010, he taught in Azad Kashmir for two years. Since 2012, he has been serving as a lecturer in English at Majmaah University, Riyadh. Other job duties include correspondence person, trainer, academic advisor and coordinator. Tourism is his hobby and he has visited Kenya in 2021, South Africa in 2014 for a Cambridge University course and Turkey in 2018 as a tourist with Sir Qasim Ali Shah. He is writer of a book; a travelogue “Anjani rahon ka Musafir” (Urdu)

Apart from this, he also writes about the talented people of his area, about the education of children, awareness in the society, promotion of education and other topics in newspapers. Additionally, he is running an educational institution with the name “Shining Stars School System” in their rural areas whom he helps with their personal time and expenses.

Other interests are, book reading, career counselling, guiding students regarding their future by visiting educational institutions in their area during vacations, guiding students in universities, guiding students in research papers. He is the president of an educational foundation at his locality, which aims to provide education to talented and deserving students from primary to higher education level to make them a productive person of a society. His aim in life is to add the value in human lives around him by sharing good ideas and knowledge. In the future, while continuing his teaching, he intends to develop an education system with the support of his state’s education department so students can face all the challenges of today’s life.

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