Bushra Tasneem is, first and foremost, a mother to five children who are immensely proud of her. From the tender age of nine when her first piece was published in a children’s magazine, her mission has been to remind the society of the beauty of our religion. Her specific focus is maintaining a happy and productive household according to the Islamic teachings. This passion of writing led her to BA in journalism. She has been the member of a women’s literary society, Hareem e Adab. She was the editor of the magazine “Hareem” and was its secretary for six years. She has authored eleven books so far which consist of articles and short stories on various social issues. Two more books will soon be published in shaa Allah.  Chronicles of her extensive travels which were published in a magazine over a period of two years are now being compiled in a book. Publishing of her collection of poetry is also underway. She is a regular columnist in two women’s magazines. She is also a member of board of trustees for “Idara e Batool”, a renowned literary organization in Pakistan.

Another passion of hers is to spread the word of Quran. She is fortunate to have been tutored at home by a graduate from Madinah University, Ustadh Hafiz Abdusalam Madani and a well-known researcher of Islamic sciences from Idara Ma’aarif Islaami, Molana Abdulwakeel Alvi (May Allah grant both of them the highest level of al-jannah). Through her lectures, radio programmes and regular circles, she has passed on the knowledge to hundreds of sisters in various countries such as Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, the US and the UK.

Along with words and the pen, she is very active on social media and uses this medium very effectively around the globe.  During her stay in the UK she was a regular guest at a Muslim radio station. She was invited as a speaker at the parenting convention in Pakistan Association Dubai, U.A.E., where she gave a seminar on “bachon ki tarbiyat main haya ka ansar” in 2019.
She has been conducting online classes since before the Corona outbreak. And during this difficult time of the pandemic, she has shifted her focus even more towards online tarbiyah classes to keep women motivated and in touch with Islamic teachings through her reflections and experiences of life.

Apart from her efforts of curing hearts and souls with the message of Quran, she is also a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

Her writings can be accessed on her website:


Raising a Young Muslim

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