Friday, May 24

Free medical camp in Lohar Bela

Bagh, AJK (PFPF news)

One day free medical camp was held under the auspicious of Press For Peace Foundation (PFPF) in collaboration with Population Welfare Department of District Bagh in Lohar Bela, an area of Union Council Nur Sher Ali Khan.

The expert medical practitioners checked up the patients and needy persons who come in the camp from remote and backward areas of the district and provided them free of cost medicines and advised them to adopt precautionary measures to save themselves from diseases.

 The local residents have lauded the initiative taken by Press For Peace Foundation (PFPF) regarding the provision of healthcare facilities to local population and demanded the management of the PFP to hold such free medical camps in other areas to provide better health facilities to the people.

It is worth-mentioning here that some families of the district Haveli, a backward area of AJK had also attended the medical camp whose medical checkup was made by the team of expert medical practitioners and provided them free medicines. A large number of local residents have also benefited the medical camp.

PFP is also striving hard to develop this village of UC Nur Sher Ali Khan as model village. To translate this dream into reality, the PFP has also started to build the capacity of women segment of area and provided them training facilities in various arts in locally established training institutes. Currently, it has become the production center.

The Press For Peace Foundation (PFPF)  has now taken the initiative about the provision of healthcare facilities to the people of the area and intended to hold such free medical camps in future where the patients suffering from diabetes and eye diseases will be given treatment facilities.

On this occasion the PFPF team comprised of  Rubina Naz Project Manager, Raja Saeed camp organizer and people of the area thanked the District Population Officer Raja Tariq Minhas and other staff members of the population department including Nabila Mukhtair, Akseer Bibi, health worker Syed Mushtaq Bukhari and Nadra Bibi.

Later, Population Welfare department’s team visited local central secretariat of PFPF. The visiting team was given briefing about the activities and future plans of PFPF by the Project Manager Rubina Naz.

At the end of the visit, the team members were presented gifts by the management of the PFPF.


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