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Call for content!

The Deadline for articles submissions is Friday 2nd July 2021.

Peace Insight is one of those organizations that Press for Peace has had a wonderful interaction with. Read more about the appreciation of our work by Peace Insight.

Peace Insight is calling all young people around the world that remained locked out of the peace building efforts due to strict conditions associated with Covid-19.

Yet, the organization considers that these young people can still play a key role in resolving conflict and laying the foundations for a peaceful future.

Peace Insight is asking all young people to send them contributions on youth peacebuilders by Friday 2nd July for the chance to have their work featured on Peace Insight.

If you are, or if you know of, an amazing youth peacebuilder then convey this message to them. Peace Insight is inviting submissions from anyone building peace in their communities: mobilizers, peacebuilders, mediators, and human rights defenders.

Initially, you only need to send your 250-word brief on a chosen article. If possible, link them to any of your published work.

Once their team has selected the articles to share, they will agree a timeframe for receiving content. Submissions can then be made in any format –written work, videos, interviews, etc.

Published articles will be reimbursed

Articles of 1,000 words or more: £150.

Articles of less than 1,000 words: £100.

To read more on this competition , please click here

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