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Role of Abacus in Academics / Dr. Muzaffar Naznin

By Dr. Muzaffar Naznin Kolkata
An abacus is also called a counting frame. It is a calculating tool which has. Been used since ancient times. Around the world, the abacus has been used in pre.schools and elementary schools as an aid in teaching the numeral system and arithmetic’s. Maths is an important subject. No one can deny it. It has been observed extensively that 70/ of students drop Maths as a subject after 10th standard. The remaining 30/ who opt for Maths successively are already proficient in it.

Abacus Courses have been running in India and globally for the past 12 years. The best time of learning Abacus is for 5years to 11 years. There is a common notion among people that Abacus deals with attaining proficiency in the calculation. Its right but the actual benefit is the improvement of concentration and brain enhancement through the concept of visualisation. It has been proven as one of the most effective method for young learners to do mental maths. It is a well known quote that “Learning has no age bar”, but it comes to Abacus, it is not that accurate. One can learn Abacus at any age ,but in order to master the speed and mental calculation skills, it has to be started at a very young age(from 5 years to 11 years).Though Abacus can be learn at any age, the obvious  benefit are seen when a kid starts..

Benefits of Abacus

It improves concentrations.

Enhances visualisation and imaginations

Memory strengthening is the most important benefit of abacus.

Amplifies speed and accuracy

 Increases self confidence

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