Lord Ahmad arrives in Pakistan

Islamabad(PR) The Minister of State for South Asia and the Commonwealth and the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict, Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, has arrived in Pakistan for a two day visit. His visit, covering two cities, will further enhance the friendship between the UK and Pakistan. During his stay […]

Using monetary sovereignty to mitigate effects of Pandemic

Dr Atiq ur Rehman Total revenue generated by Government of Canada for her expenses during 2019 was CA$334 billion. In 2020, responding to the pandemic, the Canadian government extended a fiscal stimulus of CA$ 354 billion for Canadians, heavier than the entire budget. This package includes $20 billion for health support system, $249 billion as […]

Distribution of clothes to deserving families in Muzaffarabad

We collect donations of used clothes in the UK and distribute them among the neediest people in deserving communities in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. Press For Peace Welfare Activities: UPDATE 19 June 2021 | By Zubair ud Din Arfi , Senior Field Co-ordinator Press For Peace Welfare Activities Activity update 1-3 February 2021 Duration: 3 Days | By […]


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