Muzaffarabad(PFP News) ( 24 April, 2021)

Medical Relief International (MRI)– a UK based humanitarian organisation, has successfully managed to distribute food packages among 425 Vulnerable Families throughout Azad Kashmir.

Food Packages were provided to orphans, widows and needy people in various parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (commonly known as AJK).

AJK is Medical Relief International’s first venture lead by a group of British Kashmiri volunteers Esharat Nasar-Ahmed and Nasar Ahmed together with a team of local volunteers.

The Ramadan Food Packages were distributed in AJK including Bhimber, Kotli, Dudyal, Chaksawari, Mirpur, Jatlan, and Islam Ghar.
While talking to Media the representatives of Medical Relief AJK told the media that Medical Relief International (MRI) is a UK registered medical relief charity focusing on food and medical aid distribution and treatment with educational support. Medical Relief believes that their philosophy of delivering hope, changing lives, is the first step to curing illnesses and ailments.

‘In the Holy month of Ramadan, hundreds of families in Azad Kashmir provided food packages’, says MRI volunteers team.
They said that Medical Relief will utilize every possible resource to facilitate the needy people living in remote areas of AJK.
They further said that Ramadan teaches us patience, consistency and motivation to help the needy people. The volunteers of Medical Relief walked for many kilometers to provide the food packages to the needy.

Esharat Nasar-Ahmed whilst talking to the media said that her family and friends are also taking part in this campaign and they will continue to distribute the packages throughout the month of Ramadan.

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