Press for Peace Foundation is aware of the fact that human rights awareness demands coherent planning which may span over a period of many years.

Press for Peace Foundation Human Rights Statement 2022

Press for Peace Foundation is committed to Article 29 (1) of the Convention on the Rights of the child. We will strive in 2022 to sensitize media, society, and public policy institutions to ensure:

Ensuring access to education for all children. We believe that Human Rights Education (HRE) can prove to promote the rights of children especially female children.

We believe that seeking education is not only the right of a male child but the female child as well; and that they deserve equal treatment in all aspects of life.

Pakistan is a signatory to the International Convention on Rights of Child (ICRC), but has done little to guarantee the full implementation of child protection laws; so much of the impetus for advancing children’s rights continue to rest with the NGOs.

Press for Peace Foundation has a proud history of advocating the rights of children at various levels.

The children in rural and remote areas suffer the brunt of poverty; because the rights of the poor to have a political voice receive the least protection in such communities.

We understand that in urban areas, people are conscious about their economic situation, but in rural areas, people are less fortunate to have access to equal opportunities for development.

UNICEF observes that the human rights of all children are under threat to a degree that has not been seen in more than a generation.

UNICEF expects that in a best-case scenario, it will take seven to eight years to recover and return to pre-Covid child poverty levels.

Press for Peace Foundation believes that there should be a link between civil society and public policy institutions to ensure wider participation and channelization of human rights awareness campaigns.

Press for Peace Foundation HR activities in past

All activities in this section are conducted with the collaboration of other human rights organizations of the region. In past, Press for Peace Foundation has been arranging different seminars, walks, consultations, training on important issues of human rights. We have also been at the forefront of sensitizing society through discussions and debates among intellectuals and human rights activists on electronic and print media. The PFP Foundation has also highlighted the issues of various marginalized communities, groups of the region and has been struggling against all kinds of human rights violations committed by state and non-state actors.

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