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She is from Karachi, known as the city of lights. Besides writing poetry, she also writes prose. Her works, both in poetry and prose, have been featured in respected literary magazines in Pakistan. She gained recognition for her short story collections “Kunj Abagin” and “Teef e Haq,” with the latter containing six short stories titled “Taif Haqq.” Farah Naz’s upcoming poetry collection, “Khazan Rut Mein Umid e Gul,” is in the printing process, and there’s optimism about its release soon. Her poetry collection “Ishqam” was published with support from the Press for Peace Foundation (UK) and received positive feedback in literary circles. In July 2023, Farah Naz Farah’s fiction collection, “Lams e Ashnai,” was published.

Lams-e- Ashnai/

Farah Naz Farah’s collection, “Lams e Ashnai,” is a significant addition to literature. It consists of 23 short stories and one novelette titled “Mohabbat Khwab Ki Surat.” The collection stands out for its unique titles and diverse themes, compelling readers not only to be interested but also to appreciate it. Within the stories like “Anjam e Gulastan,” “Suz-e-Nahan,” “Dastar-e-Ishq,” and “Kaidi,” various aspects of romance are explored. However, “Lams e Ashnai” stands as the culmination of Farah Naz Farah’s literary art. It narrates a story of self-realization and God-realization, making it a compelling read.


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